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ALL ABOUT Breastfeeding

#Lactation clinic #Lactation Consultant #Is My Baby Getting Enough? # Is my baby getting proper milk? Whether it is a newborn or a small baby Every mother always worried about whether her baby is getting enough milk or not. Is my milk enough for my baby? In fact, many mothers in the first 1 to 2 days feel that I am not getting any milk, so how can it fill the baby's stomach? # If you put the baby only on breastfeeding after delivery So how do you know that baby is getting well? 1) If the baby is exclusively breastfeed for the first 24 hours, baby should pass the urine at least 1 time in 24 hour if passes more times that will be great 2) 2 times on 2nd day 3) 3 times on the 3rd day 4) 4 times on 4 th days 5) 5 times on the 5th day And after a week the babies urine count should be at least 5 to 6 times. This means that whatever milk you give to the baby, it goes to the baby properly .and it's enough. But if baby didn't pass the urine as expected ( mentioned above)you will understand that your baby is getting less milk. In this case, you can first express your own milk and feed the baby with a spoon. However, if still babies urine count is low, then the baby may need to be given formula milk. While doing this, you should see that baby is latching and sucking well on the breasts Make sure baby shouldn't sleep while feeding and just latch on the nipple. # The second important thing is the weight of the baby In general 1) The baby loses weight in the first 2 to 3 days. But a maximum of 75% of babies gain birth weight or above on around 7th day of age 2) 25% of babies weigh less than their birth weight on the 7th day. 3) On the 14th day, approximately 95% of babies weigh as much or more than their birth weight. 4) Only 5% of babies weight less than the birth weight at 14 days after birth. 5) The remaining 5% of babies are usually gain birth weight by 21 day. # if weight loss of the baby is 7% or less than 10% of the birth indicate that your breastfeeding is not going well. Something is wrong. # Sometimes the milk supply to the mother is normal but the baby loses weight due to not latching on breast properly. But many parents are so frightened when a baby loses weight that they do not think that baby is fine ,. even though everything is in order. # So it is just as important to keep an eye on the baby's weight. . # But your efforts do not end there Once the baby reached birth weight.. After that within 14 to 60 days after delivery If there is a male child, the weight can increase from 25 to 52 grams per day And if it is a girl, it can increase from 28 to 42 grams a day. # Suppose the baby is gaining less weight than this. Even after many days, the baby has not reached the birth weight yet. In such a case, it is necessary to check with the experts what is the problem. (Sometimes children get sick and lose weight.) # Normally a breastfed baby double the birth weight by 3 to 4 months (some babies sometimes double the birth weight in 5th or 6th month) i.e. if birth weight of baby is 2.5 kg baby weight will become 5 kg. And when the baby is 1 year old, the baby weighs will be two and a half times or 3 times the birth weight. This means that whatever you give to the baby goes well. # The above rules apply to a full term baby who is on mother milk . If the baby is on formula milk, it often feels the difference in weight. In addition, infants who are bottle-fed are more likely to have excess milk. And they are also overweight. Dr. Manisha Khalane. Breastfeeding specialist (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) (917745845272)

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